Inspire | Making a Mark

January 25, 2018

Ever since our first foster placement, we wanted our kiddos to feel at home, to have a sense of belonging, and to feel that they were someplace special. Something that we’ve done from the beginning was to take some finger paint and make two sets of framed hand/footprints. One print would go to mom and dad and serve as an encouragement for them to try their hardest at becoming the best parents they could be; the second print is hung in our home as a reminder for my wife and I of the special lives that have come through our doors. Just as each footprint and handprint is unique, each of those children has a special place in this world, and each one has something special that they can accomplish. One of our kids loves to see his footprint and how much he has grown. He gets a kick out of me placing his foot on top of his little print. Each of these kids will make their own mark in the world. They’ve definitely made one in our home.