Inspire | New Life for an Old Book Cover

February 8, 2018

Here’s a great way to repurpose some old books or artwork you may have around the house.

As I was going through my bookshelf and tidying up, I came across a 1955 edition of an A.A. Milne book titled “Now We Are Six” that had a torn dust cover. The book itself is in great condition, but the dust cover was torn and very worn on the edges. Rather than just taping up the cover or even discarding it, the artwork on the cover was the perfect size for a small, mini picture frame. I bought a small frame from Hobby Lobby that holds a 2-1/2″ x 3″ photo—although it seems like somewhat of an odd size (since it’s smaller than a wallet size print), it worked great for this little project. (Side Note: For those of you who may not know, Hobby Lobby has some great picture frames that are always 50% off!)

After carefully placing the frame’s glass on top of the book’s dust cover (after taking it off the book of course!), I trimmed it down to size. Next, I simply placed the trimmed artwork into the frame. The result was a nicely-framed, vintage-looking Ernest Shepard illustration.

This little project (whether using larger art or even a smaller one like I did) would make a great piece of art for a kid’s bedroom, a library bookshelf, or even a gift for someone expecting a baby. I hope this gives you some great ideas on how to repurpose those worn out book covers or even book pages.